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AI Tool Overview

Cakemail is a comprehensive email marketing platform that integrates artificial intelligence to boost your company’s online presence. See Disclaimer a

With a plethora of features, it facilitates unparalleled engagement and cost-efficiency in your email marketing campaigns. Its array of functionalities include branded email campaigns, marketing automations, audience management, and a robust marketing API that syncs data from your favourite apps, thereby creating a seamless ecosystem for your marketing efforts.


Cakemail offers a tiered pricing model to cater to varying business needs:

Free: Provides essential tools for engaging with your audience.

Growth: $8 per month for 500 contacts / 6k emails - Offers additional resources to send more emails and grow your business.

Premium: $13 per month for 500 contacts / 7.5k emails - advanced features and premium support for elevating your company to the next level.

Premium Plus: A tailored plan to meet your specific needs, allowing the Cakemail team to create a bespoke plan for you.

Use Cases

Email Marketing Campaigns: Develop and execute targeted email marketing strategies to engage your audience and foster brand loyalty.

Audience Management: Grow, manage, and segment your audience through effective list building and profiling techniques, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Automations: Create personalised, omnichannel experiences for your customers through automated workflows, leveraging customer data and behavioural insights to drive conversions and enhance customer satisfaction.

Permission Management: Ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations and maintain the trust of your audience by managing consent and subscription preferences, providing clear and transparent communication.

Marketing API: Seamlessly integrate your favourite apps and tools with our platform, unlocking the power of data-driven marketing and enabling you to create, manage, and optimise your campaigns with ease.


Cakemail emerges as a robust, AI-integrated email marketing platform adept at propelling your business's online presence and engagement metrics.

Its tiered pricing model ensures an accommodative approach for varying business sizes and needs.

The use cases depict a broad spectrum of applicability, from global communication to substantial subscriber growth and comparative analysis.

Investing in Cakemail could be a pragmatic step towards bolstering your email marketing strategy, fostering lasting customer relationships, and ultimately, driving your business forward.

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