Create custom chatbots and AI agents with no coding required.

AI Tool Overview is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses create custom chatbots and AI agents.

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It is designed to be simple, efficient, and requires no technical expertise. With, businesses can create chatbots that can handle customer inquiries, provide support, and automate repetitive tasks.

Pricing: offers one Free and three Paid plans:

Free: 5k credits/mo, Fine-Tuning unlimited, max 1 Chatbot, max 1 Embeddings, and other features

Hobby: €25/mo, 50k Credits, Fine-Tuning unlimited, max 3 Chatbots, max 3 Embeddings, and other features

Pro: €60/mo, 100k Credits, Fine-Tuning unlimited, max 10 Chatbots, max 10 Embeddings, and other features

Enterprise: €450/mo, 1500k Credits, Fine-Tuning unlimited, unlimited Chatbots, unlimited Embeddings, and other features

Use Cases: can be used in a variety of ways by businesses of all sizes. Here are some typical use cases:

Customer Support: can handle customer inquiries and provide support 24/7.

Sales: can help businesses generate leads and increase sales by providing personalised recommendations.

Marketing: can help businesses automate their marketing campaigns by sending targeted messages to customers.

HR: can help businesses automate their HR processes by answering employee questions and providing support.

Question answering: Fine-Tuner can be used to create AI agents that can answer questions about your data. This can be useful for customer support, knowledge management, and other applications.

Document search: Fine-Tuner can be used to create AI agents that can search your documents and find the information you need. This can be useful for research, compliance, and other applications.

Process automation: Fine-Tuner can be used to create AI agents that can automate your processes. This can save you time and money.

Summary: is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses create sophisticated, tailored chatbots and AI agents. With its simple interface and powerful features, it is the perfect solution for businesses looking to automate their customer support, sales, marketing, or HR processes. Try it now!

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