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AI Tool Overview

Images, logo, chatbots and creative document editing

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AI Magicx is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions designed to transform and optimise business operations. The company's innovative AI technologies are tailored to address specific business needs, driving efficiency and delivering actionable insights.


AI Magicx offers tailored pricing plans based on the specific needs and objectives of each client, as well as a free trial for those looking to explore its features. With transparent pricing and scalable options, AI Magicx ensures that businesses receive the support they need to achieve their operational objectives.

Use Cases

  • Customer Interaction: AI Magicx's custom chatbots are ideal for SMEs looking to optimise and streamline their customer management.
  • Documentation: The company's editor and logo designer are beneficial for documentation, ensuring clear, professional and informative documents to share with employees or clients.
  • Marketing: AI Magicx's creativity tools empower marketing teams to deliver targeted and effective campaigns with clear branding.


In summary, AI Magicx is a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage the power of AI to transform their operations. By providing image and logo generators, customisable chatbots, and document editors, the AI tool empowers businesses to achieve operational excellence.

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Startups and Small Businesses


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