Browse AI

Train a Robot to Scrape and Monitor Data from Any Website with No Code

AI Tool Overview

Browse AI is an AI-powered web automation software that allows you to scrape and monitor data from any website with no code.

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With Browse AI, you can train a robot in just 2 minutes to extract specific data from any website in the form of a spreadsheet that fills itself.

Browse AI offers a range of features to help you extract and monitor data from websites. These include monitoring data on a schedule and getting notified on changes, prebuilt robots for popular use cases, and the ability to turn any website into an API. Browse AI also offers integrations with a wide variety of tools to transfer your extracted data to thousands of other tools.

Browse AI is trusted by over 101,000 individuals and teams. It has extracted over 1.64 billion rows of data and saved users millions hours of time.

Browse AI offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs.

The Free plan includes 50 credits per month.

The Starter plan includes10,000 credits and 10 robots per year, for $19/month, paid annually

The Professional plan includes 60,000 credits and 30 robots per year, for $99/month, paid annually

The Team plan includes includes 120,000 credits and 30 robots per year, for $249/month, paid annually

Each plan comes with other features and conditions, so check the website for details.

Some example use cases for Browse AI include:

Extracting data from websites for market research
Monitoring websites for changes
Extracting job listings from job search websites
Extracting property listings from real estate websites

Browse AI is a powerful tool for any business professional or company looking to extract and monitor data from websites quickly and easily.


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