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Genei is an AI-powered summarisation and research tool that can help businesses and professionals research faster and produce high-quality content.

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With features such as AI-powered summarisation, keyword extraction, and question-answering, Genei has everything you need to enhance your research process.

One of the key features of Genei is its AI-powered summarisation tool. This tool allows you to automatically summarise background reading, enabling you to produce blogs, articles, and reports faster. Additionally, Genei offers a keyword extraction tool that can help you optimise your article content.

Genei also offers a range of tools specifically designed for note-making. With the click of a button, you can highlight text and use Genei’s AI-powered note-generation tools to summarise, paraphrase or expand text seamlessly into high-quality content.

In terms of pricing and other relevant terms and conditions, Genei offers a 14-day free trial with the option to cancel at any time. Paid plans start at £7.99 per month (paid annually) for the basic plan and £24.99 per month for the pro plan, which offers access to GPT-3 and additional features such as multi-document analysis, search, question answering, rephrasing, and paraphrasing functionality.

Some example use cases for Genei include:

A researcher using the AI-powered summarisation tool to summarise background reading automatically
A blogger using the keyword extraction tool to optimise their article content
A student using the note generation tools to produce high-quality notes and paragraphs with the click of a button
A professional using the question-answering tool to find greater answers and insights from their work

In summary, Genei is a powerful AI-powered research tool that can help businesses and professionals enhance their research process. With a wide range of features and affordable pricing plans, it’s definitely worth considering for anyone looking to improve their research productivity.

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