Unleash Team Productivity with Hiver's Gmail-Based Solution

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Hiver is a Gmail-based solution designed to streamline team collaboration and enhance customer support.

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By integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Hiver enables businesses to manage shared inboxes, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights into team performance. With Hiver, you can improve response times, ensure consistent communication, and deliver a delightful customer experience.


Hiver offers three pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes and all plans offer a 7-day free trial. Each plan varies slightly in terms of features, based on the four use scenarios which are Customer Service, Finance Operations, People (HR) Operations, and ITSM (IT support), but they all have the same base price, and all offer a discount of 20% for plans paid annually:

Lite Plan: Priced at $15 per user per month
Pro Plan: Priced at $39 per user per month
Elite Plan: Priced at $59 per user per month

Use Cases

Hiver is suitable for various business professionals and companies, including:
Customer Support: Manage shared inboxes, automate workflows, and track team performance to deliver exceptional customer service.
Finance Teams: Streamline accounts payable and receivable processes, ensuring timely invoice processing and efficient communication.
HR and IT Teams: Collaborate seamlessly on email queries, delegate tasks, and monitor team performance with Hiver's powerful toolkit.


Hiver is the best email collaboration tool for teams that want to work smarter and faster on email. It helps you manage shared inboxes from your Gmail account without switching between multiple tabs or apps. It also helps you improve your team’s productivity, accountability, and transparency with features like email assignments, notes, automation, analytics, and more.

Whether you need to handle customer support, sales, project management, or human resources, Hiver can help you achieve your goals with ease. Try Hiver for free today and see the difference for yourself.

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