Humata.AI: Transforming document analysis into knowledge instantly.

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Humata.AI is a revolutionary tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way you handle and learn from your documents.

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This AI-powered tool is designed to summarise complex documents, generate detailed insights, and answer any questions related to your files instantly​.

With Humata.AI, you can now research, learn, create reports, analyse legal documents, and understand technical papers 100 times faster than traditional methods. It's like having a personal AI assistant that helps you make sense of your documents and extract the most valuable information from them.

Using advanced AI algorithms, Humata.AI creates vector embeddings for semantic search and synthesises results based on natural language commands. This allows the tool to understand and respond to your queries about your documents quickly and accurately.

Security is a top priority at Humata.AI. All your documents are securely stored in encrypted cloud storage, ensuring the highest standards of safety to protect your information from any malicious intent. You own and control your data and the ability to delete any unwanted files on your dashboard.


Humata.AI offers a Free plan where you can create an account and use the tool for free. The free version provides a 60-page limit on a range of different PDFs with a maximum document size of 60 pages.

For those seeking more comprehensive features, Humata.AI offers a Pro plan at $14.99 per month. The Pro plan allows you to process unlimited pages (with 250 pages included and a charge of $0.01 per page thereafter), ask unlimited questions across multiple documents simultaneously and comes with chat support.

For larger organisations with more complex needs, Humata.AI also offers an Enterprise plan. This plan offers additional features such as team management, meeting privacy and security requirements, enterprise support, uptime service level agreement (SLA), and API & integration support. Pricing for the Enterprise plan is available upon request.


Humata.AI can be used in a variety of use cases. It can be an invaluable tool for researchers who need to summarise and understand complex technical papers. For business professionals, it can be used to create reports, analyse legal documents, and answer hard questions related to your files. The ability to ask questions across multiple documents simultaneously makes it a versatile tool for businesses that handle large amounts of document data.

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