Laxis: Your AI Meeting Assistant to Make Your Customer Meetings More Productive

AI Tool Overview

Laxis is designed to redefine the meeting experience by leveraging next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract key insights from conversations, thus driving productivity and informed decision-making. 

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With its motto of promoting "Better, Smarter Meetings", Laxis is committed to assisting revenue teams in capturing the essence of every customer interaction effortlessly.
Founded in 2020, Laxis has garnered the trust of over 100,000 users globally. With a team distributed across five time zones, the company embodies a global outlook aimed at maximising the value of your meetings. Their culture is rooted in high standards, customer-centricity, action, relentless pursuit of their mission, enjoying the process, and valuing teamwork.

Laxis can help your company in a number of ways, including:

Save time and money: Laxis automates many of the manual tasks involved in meeting management, such as transcription, note-taking, and insights generation. This frees up your team's time so they can focus on other important aspects of their work.

Improve accuracy: Laxis uses AI to accurately transcribe meetings and capture key takeaways. This helps to reduce errors and ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of your meetings.

Make better decisions: Laxis generates insights from your meetings that can help you identify trends, track progress, and make informed decisions. For example, you can use Laxis to identify which customers are most likely to churn or which features are most important to your users.


Laxis offers a tiered pricing model catering to individuals, professionals, teams, and large organisations:

Basic Plan (Free): Ideal for individuals, offering 300 minutes of transcription per month, integration with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex, and features like personalised meeting agenda and AI-augmented meeting highlights.

Premium Plan: ($13.33/mth, paid annually): Aimed at professionals requiring advanced AI capabilities, offering 2000 minutes of transcription, unlimited Google Meet transcription, and AI Writer and LaxisChat with a quota of 200,000 words per month.

Business Plan: ($24.99/mth , paid annually): Tailored for teams requiring collaboration and CRM integration, offering 5000 minutes of transcription, unlimited Google Meet transcription, and AI Writer and LaxisChat with a quota of 300,000 words per month.

Enterprise Plan: (Contact Laxis for pricing): Customised for large organisations desiring customisation and unlimited usage, offering unlimited transcription and a dedicated account manager among other features.

Use Cases

The practical application of Laxis spans across a number of business areas:

Sales: Enhances focus on customer interactions by automating note-taking and follow-up email generation.

Content Marketing: Effortlessly converts podcasts, webinars, and other audio content into engaging written content.

Product and UX Designers: Organises insights from user research and interviews.

Industry and Market Researchers: Facilitates transcription of focus groups and in-depth interviews for insightful analysis.

Project Managers: Helps in capturing key takeaways and status updates for progress reports.

Management Consultants, Investment Professionals, Journalists, and Reporters: Provides a reliable tool for capturing detailed notes during meetings and calls, allowing professionals to focus on the core aspects of their discussions.


Laxis is a powerful AI meeting assistant that can help revenue teams streamline their meeting management processes. With features such as call recording, transcription, and insights, Laxis can help you make informed decisions about your sales process and improve your overall efficiency.

Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, Laxis has a pricing plan to suit your needs. Try it today and see how it can help you streamline your meetings.

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