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AI Tool Overview

Originality.AI is a state-of-the-art tool built to ensure content originality and readability.

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It is an AI detector and plagiarism checker built for content marketers, SEOs, web publishers, content agencies, and writers.

The tool offers AI detection capabilities, plagiarism checking, and readability scoring. The AI detection is highly accurate, with 99% accuracy on GPT-4 and 83% on ChatGPT. The plagiarism checking feature helps identify if the content was copied from another source. The readability score feature assesses the readability of the content based on a study of 20k top results on Google.

The pricing model is clear and straightforward. You can have unlimited team members, websites, and scans, at the fixed price of $0.01 per 100 words checked.

Use Cases
For web publishers, Originality.AI can help protect a site from publishing non-original or AI-generated content, which can lead to better Google ranking. Content agencies can use Originality.AI to manage client and writer expectations around AI use and prove that original content is being produced. As for writers, Originality.AI can help them prove that they actually wrote an article and allow them to share the results of their content being scanned. It can also help them optimise their content to the ideal readability score.

Originality.AI is the go-to solution for ensuring content originality and readability. With its ability to detect AI-generated content and plagiarism, along with providing readability scores, it is an essential tool for anyone dealing with content. 

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