Warmbox: Increase your email deliverability and avoid spam folders.

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Warmbox is an email warmup tool that helps you increase your email deliverability and avoid landing in spam folders.

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It does this by gradually increasing the number of emails you send over a period of time, so that your inbox doesn't get flagged as spam. Warmbox is easy to use and can be integrated with most major email providers.


Warmbox offers four pricing plans: Solo, Start-up, Growth, and Enterprise.

The Solo plan is $15/month and includes 1 inbox warm-up, 50 emails per day, and 1 team member.

The Start-up plan is $69/month and includes 3 inbox warm-ups, 250 emails per day, and 3 team members.

The Growth plan is $139/month and includes 6 inbox warm-ups, 500 emails per day, and 6 team members.

The Team plan is available for those requiring greater flexibility.

Use cases

Warmbox can be used by any business professional who sends cold emails. It can also be used by sales teams, marketing teams, and agencies. Some typical use cases for Warmbox include:

Warming up a new email address
Increasing the deliverability of cold email campaigns
Avoiding landing in spam folders
Improving email open rates
Measuring email deliverability


Warmbox is the most advanced email warmup tool for business professionals. It is easy to use, affordable, and effective. With Warmbox, you can increase your email deliverability and avoid landing in spam folders. Start reaching your leads faster today!

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